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Posted by Allyson N. Jason on Apr-28-2008

The Asymptotic Faery Logo

“The Whole Universe Inside a Glass of Water”

The Asymptotic Faery is the writing alias of writer, illustrator and graphic designer Allyson N. Jason. Allyson has been writing since a very young age. Storytelling, painting pictures with words and sharing her worlds with others have always been defining personality traits and inclinations.

The Asymptotic Faery persona is based on the self-created concept called ICE which stands for:

Inspiration - Creativity - Exploration

ICE also represents the element of water. Water represents a mass of possibilities. Water can take on the shape of and reflect anything. Water also represents fluidity, life, exploration, generation and communication When water turns to ice all of water’s symbolic properties are intensified and further idealized; clarity and vision are in constant focus when water turns to ice.

Water in all forms is also the favorite element of the character The Asymptotic Faery.

The slogan, The Whole Universe Inside a Glass of Water, is based on ICE and is inspired by Allyson’s notion that life possibilities are infinite and the likeness and the reflection of the universe can be reflected in everything. Each person, living in a world of infinite possibilities, must lead their life making and taking paths that allow them to fulfill their callings, dreams and visions.

On the website you will find a hodge podge of writings from The Asymptotic Faery - brief descriptive scenes, opinions, inspirational articles, bizarro and absurdist genre fiction, short stories, poetry, reviews, introspective reflections, culinary recipes and much more…all based on ICE and its related philosophy.

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  • At 2008.11.02 07:41, purpleworm (Check me out!) said:

    Hello Allyson! I love your site and the concept of it. Great layout and color choice (purple - i love it!)

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