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On Becoming a Muse

Posted by Allyson N. Jason on Jan-24-2009

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Historically the muses are typically regarded as nine young goddesses of inspiration who personify and embody the arts, poetry and sciences. They were entities of song and grace that inspired people to exert their best efforts and live to their fullest potential. Additionally, they engendered harmony, prosperity and friendships.

What would it mean to become a muse in today’s time? Do you have a desire to become a muse of any sort? If so, what kind of muse would you be? How do you normally find yourself inspiring others? How do you purposefully like to inspire others? My belief is that both men and women can be muses, muses can be of any age and muses can possess a number of visual impressions. The stereotype is that muses look like flawless beauties. I think instead muses possess a unique beauty of spirit; a brand of individuality that is magnetic. This might make an impression upon his/her looks or it might, at first, not be so aesthetically obvious but would be something that people FEEL when they come into contact with him/her.

When I mention a modern day muse, I very much mean in a real sense. Not paranormally. I also think there are muse qualities in all of us, but my focus is more in being a muse in awareness…in a way that is organically asserted and confidently activated.

I’ve thought about this for some time, but I like to consider myself a muse of sorts and I’d like to become one more confidently and actively, over time. I think asserting yourself this way, you as the muse realize, that by natural rule, living as a muse incites more passionate living.

Unbridled passionate living.

I also think a modern day muse feeds off of inspiration in many ways. They don’t just inspire others. Inspiration becomes a fuel of sorts, in both directions. So when a muse ceases to find inspiration and to create or embody it in some manner, the muse identity “dies”. The fires of passion burn out…

I’ve exercised my muse powers through recently. I started a group for exercise and fitness which targets women who are curvy, plus-sized and/or plump. I speak to an audience of women who are happy about and find beauty in being thicker and rubenesque in stature but would like to tone up and participate in regular exercise activity so that our fitness levels are heightened as curvy women. Our goal is not to be thin but to be healthy. This inspires a great many women to redefine beauty for themselves and to see their own loveliness through and through.

Mingling with others, sending messages and speaking up is important in cultivating muse power and spirit. Again the aim of a muse is to live passionately, embrace living, and embody inspiration.

How do you wish to do this? It can be done in so many ways:

  • Join or start a new group based on unique interests, desires and goals
  • Cultivate your own sense of style or bring it out again in full vigor
  • Explore new ideas and thoughts; challenge old ones
  • Define why you are beautiful in your own way apart from what society dictates, and begin living in this newfound sense of pride
  • Champion a new or long-abandoned cause
  • Find a way to help someone realize their potential, their dreams or their value
  • Do something new and different each day
  • Read, listen to and see curious books, music and film, respectively
  • Try a brand new cuisine; a new sensual experience
  • Research different lifestyles and viewpoints
  • Do something you’ve always done the same in a completely new way
  • Strike up a conversation with a random stranger and ask them thoughtful questions
  • Find ways you can make society better, more rewarding and interesting
  • Invent something or improve upon an old convention

Be more hands on:

We are a society that is very much out of touch with our instincts. We don’t have to use and sharpen then. We live in an automated, highly technical and ever-increasing digital world. I don’t put down modern and technical conventions as they have their own appealing qualities, I just think we are greatly handicapped by them through our own ignorance and lack of exploration and awareness.

So how can we really be muses of anything?

How can we really appreciate anything?

How can we really understand and FEEL?

I think it’s important to keep old traditions alive because anything hands on and direct makes US feel alive. Our senses remain sharp, aware and functioning. Never at a loss. Never dull.

Rather than go out to eat or buy microwave food, sometimes cook from SCRATCH or learn how to for a particular recipe. The meal will be that much more appreciated. I would even say growing one’s own vegetables and fruits gives a different sense of appreciation too. I wonder how many people would consume as much meat as they did if they had to hunt and prepare it themselves.

Rather than typing a letter why not write one. A LONG one…and do it often. Why not a short story or *gasp* a novel?

Instead of drawing something on the computer, why not get the paints, charcoals, pastels, markers, pens or conte out to draw? Go further and maybe create and stretch your own canvas, make your own brushes, make and mix your own paints just to see what it feels like? Use natural objects as brushes such as twigs, leaves, flower petals, and hands. See how they uniquely create new textures, shapes, and designs.

Why not learn how to play an instrument or take some voice lessons for fun to get a different appreciation for music and singing? Even just reading about the history of music can change one’s perspective.

Rather than renting a movie for a particular title, why not go read the book?
Rather than seeing a movie, why not go see a theatre production with live actors and music?

Rather than reading about a particular culture, country or city, why not plan a trip someday to visit that region to get a real sense of the area? Learn the language? Explore the outskirts of a new town…off-the-beaten paths.

Why not look up some craft projects and get busy with them and get your hands dirty? Try to make an article of clothing for yourself, a piece of jewelry, your own sculpture or piece of dish ware or a bath and beauty accessory (creams, lotions, soap, shampoo, perfume)? Include stuff like making your own butter, cheese, wine, spread, jam, jelly or oil?

You get the picture. I love stuff like this. It is important to hone desires for these things and to find ways to incorporate these types of activities, and to establish the quality and habit of curiosity into your daily living. Make them a part of your life; necessary, natural and therapeutic rituals to fully activate your muse power and spirit.

Upon further thought, embracing yourself as a muse also inspires more love and appreciation for self. You really start to admire your own brand of beauty in and out, and acknowledge how valuable it is in its own right…what it can do, what it means and how it can inspire and compel many.

So my recommendation is to begin embracing yourself as a muse, in the ways it best unleashes and suits the true you regardless of age, gender, sexuality, appearance and so on.

No need to wait.

Begin now. See and explore your beauty in all its glory, and OWN and USE it.

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  • At 2009.01.28 22:52, Ryan (Check me out!) said:

    You’re my muse for the evening. I bumped into your emusic playlist “Curious Finds” and I’m loving it. Thank you, Allyson!

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