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Coconut Head

Posted by Allyson N. Jason on Apr-18-2010

Current Mood:Introspective emoticon Introspective

Take a straw.
Poke a hole into my scalp
Dip it in very deep
Sip me
Drink me
Drain me
Until I’m dry and empty
Crack open my head
Eat the tender bloodless meat
Clinging to the walls
Or shred me
Grate me
Into fine flakes
Or leave me be
String me up high
Far up a tropical tree
Hanging by a broken wilted neck
With a tilted coconut head

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The Hanged Man

Posted by Allyson N. Jason on Jun-23-2008

Current Mood:Serious emoticon Serious

This is my time…manifested in such obscurely-lit heights
Jaded by raven-claw reason
and stained by crimson blood sights

Knocked into some melody-ridden mirrored cave…turned inside out
belly up with an eye embedded in my exposed tongue
in view of one way out

Scores of dead bodies…come alive
explode within mid-rise
left are five

sacrifice, change, truth, birth and death
wrapped in the wings of startled suicide epiphany
delivered with bittersweet moist breath

This is my time…manifested in such obscurely lit heights
stabbed with a civilization of prophetic swords
in shifting essence of flickering lantern lights


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Disturbed Earth

Posted by Allyson N. Jason on May-21-2008

Current Mood:Indescribable emoticon Indescribable

Resting beneath…he lurks
His eyes penetrate and wait for the entity of curiosity…

A little girl awakens and feels alive
She looks around in the dark and sees shadows
These shadows whisper into her mind and tell her to wander

She gets up quietly and floats to the woods
There she hears wind crackling, night creatures conversing
and feels lunar power

She explores deeper into these woods
and moves past twisted trees that hold
the mysteries and secrets
of nocturnal life

She feels fear but she feels drawn to him…
he anxiously awaits…

She moves into a cometary area…
the stench of lost souls and aged soil overwhelms
The fog dances around her and smothers her face
kissing, teasing, and tickling it

She walks toward a grave and glares at it
in the state of possession

Her body starts to feel cold and faint
Her vision begins to distort
and a blackened wet hand reaches from above the tombstone

A dirty gritty voice calls out to her
and beckons her closer
She leans in with sweat, terror and fascination
eyes wide as moons

She must see what is there
What her destiny must become
in her delicate white gown

The extension of the hand soon brings forth an arm
that begins to fold onto the hollowed surface…
another hand slowly pushes upward
and reveals a murky arm

A horrid head pops up with moist sounds
bulging gaping red eyes and an expansive grin
with sharp long gray decayed teeth
Moans of misery coupled with murderous giggling
submerge the atmosphere
and the wind begins to howl intensely

The trees seem to move and create a chant

The little girl becomes zombified and stares into his eyes
quivering and shaking
but still captivated

He rises up further to reveal a long snake-like body
with frenzied spider legs

He crawls towards her and expands his putrid mouth
spewing out hot slime that burns her skin
She suddenly snaps out of her trance
and screams until her throat pops
She coughs violently and spits out blood & fresh pink flesh

She no longer has a voice
but she begins to run
with all her might

He slithers after her
tearing up ground
splitting up trees
and ripping apart into a lanky human form
as he closes in near her domain…

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